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... We inspire children to creative play through creation of playground installations

Our company brings together specialists in the field of proper child development. Through our activity we inspire children to play and we stimulate their proper development. We attempt at influencing the environment in order to introduce positive changes.

We design our installations to encourage children’s physical activity, develop their imagination and form their creative foundations. The design of our installations is not only based on technical but also on pedagogical knowledge as well as familiarity with child’s psychology. We do our best to implement natural resources in our installations. We prefer the natural look of the wood.

In order to comply with the highest safety regulations our components are imported from Germany, Italy and Sweden. All components are certified and attested. All the final products – ready playground installations boast the Certificate of Compliance with the European Safety Norms.

All installations on our offer are designed for public playgrounds. Our recipients are housing estates, administrators of cities and local communes, nursery schools, administrators of children-orientated places.

Our offer includes a novelty in the form of structures made of wood-imitating material. It is a very durable material with properties similar to real wood.

We offer swings and teeters, carousels, small houses, towers, line structures. We particularly recommend a wide variety of devices which sway on a spring in the form of little animals and simple constructions. We also offer toy components for toys mounted in other constructions. Swaying devices/rocking chairs on springs/components can be shipped to any destination in Europe.

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